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05 June 2007 @ 04:18 pm
Hello everyone and welcome to tut_archive!

This community is dedicated to archiving tutorials of all kinds. The community was created because of the small problem of old tutorials expiring because their own authors deleted their journals.

So basically, here, all the tutorials (and their images/illustrations) never expire, allowing you to freely browse through every tutorial and never have to worry about anything expiring.

We upload all images to our own servers (photobucket) and encode the tutorials ourselves and post them up here.

As requests for archiving begin to come in, so will our 'table of tutorials'

+ Only authors of the said tutorials can request for their tutorials to be archived, however if you are not the author but would like for the tutorial to be archived, you must first ask permission from the author before requesting us to archive something.
+ You must join to see all the archived tutorials.

Request a tutorial post

Table of Tutorials


- Seo